to Provide Enhanced NFT and dApp Storage Security Features with Tezos

1 min read will provide enhanced NFTs and dApp storage security with Tezos to improve user experience with fewer technical issues, as its CEO Jonathan Schemoul understands the risks associated with centralized NFT storage.

  • integrates with Tezos blockchain.
  • This news follows recent integration with Solana, Polygon, and Ethereum.
  • The Aleph-Tezos integration further solidifies NFTs on Tezos., a distributed cloud platform and computing network, has unveiled its much-awaited integration with the Tezos blockchain. With this move, Tezos-based marketplaces and dapps will be able to leverage Aleph’s distributed compute and storage nodes.

In addition, Tezos NFTs will receive an extra layer of built-in security and stability by a native backup of respective metadata to Aleph’s decentralized network. Following Aleph’s previous integration with blockchains such as Ethereum, Solana, and Polygon, the Tezos incorporation will help developers building on the Tezos blockchain to effortlessly connect with Aleph’s decentralized infrastructure. CEO and Founder Jonathan Schemoul spoke his mind on this new accomplishment:

NFT artists, collectors, and traders are just beginning to learn about the risks associated with centralized NFT storage, and, although the details can be dense, it’s likely that many have heard stories of NFTs disappearing or inaccessible. For this reason, we wanted to make it easy for anyone to use Aleph’s NFT backup dApp, and this integration with Tezos has given us a chance to move one step closer to making NFT backup very easy for the average NFT owner.

Moreover, the CEO recognized that the usual modern cloud storage solutions are typically designed with the least possible downtime in mind. Schemoul further explained that by pinning copies of relevant metadata to core channel nodes in their network, Aleph’s NFT backup dapp uses redundancy to curb risk.

He then added, “But in the case of Tezos, we will be integrating the $ALEPH token directly into Tezos NFTs, making it easy for end-users to back up Tezos NFTs on the Aleph network.”

Meanwhile, the Managing Director of Nomadic Labs Hadrien Zerah commented that they are pleased to collaborate with the Aleph team. “The arrival of a new decentralized storage solution on Tezos will attract new entrepreneurs to build innovative projects,” he explained.

Tezos has gained traction for being one of the most eco-friendly blockchains via its liquid proof-of-stake consensus protocol. It requires less energy and offers a congestion-free and cost-efficient method to host, trade, and mint NFTs.

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