Next Big Tezos Investment Prospect with LOG Support as Industry Experts Advice

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Logarithmic Finance or LOG’s support for Tezos can make a good investment, industry experts say. With a new layer-III protocol entrant in the market, it can open doors to new DeFi prospects.

Industry experts indicate that Cronos, Tezos, and Logarithmic Finance could be the next big investment hits

Industry Experts Advice

As the markets expand, so should your wallets. We’re talking about crypto-wallets here.

If you don’t know, there have been more than 17,000 put in circulation over the past few years.

Bitcoin (BTC) is, of course, one of the most important names in cryptocurrencies and it is expected to reach, by the end of 2025, a value of $126,000 from the current of just over $40,000 and at least $3 trillion is expected to be generated by the business by the year 2025 based on current projections.

Newcomers or smaller names in crypto, now that the market has regenerated, are expected to do great in the next quarter. Industry experts indicate that Cronos (CRO), Tezos (XTZ), and Logarithmic Finance (LOG) could be the next big investment hits – Here’s what we’re talking about:


New In: Logarithmic Finance (LOG)

Grab a piece of paper and a pen. Draw one ray and start from there, then perpendicular to another ray. As the number of rays grows to infinity, the series of segments starts to look like a smooth spiral. This shape is considered to be the perfect shape, named the logarithmic spiral or the golden ratio.

Back in October 2021, Logarithmic Finance (LOG) came into existence from the genius minds of an anonymous group that founded this next-generation network.

What is LOG?

Logarithmic Finance (LOG) is a new Layer-III protocol entering the market. Opening the door to a slew of DeFi (decentralised finance) prospects.


It is a bright, next-generation platform that was conceived and built with the objective of promoting seamless contact between innovators and investors.

It has been meticulously planned and developed to assure perfect connectivity. Logarithmic Finance (LOG) is a safe, non-custodial, and cross-chain ecosystem that enables dynamic choices.

Some analysts anticipate that LOG could perform exceptionally well from now until 2025. Meaning those who entered early enough could benefit from the projected profits.

From to Cronos (CRO)

CRO token’s recent surge has gotten a lot of attention. In the past few years, The Network has gained international recognition for its ambitious marketing endeavours.

Current Partners include big corporations’ names such as PSG, Aston Martin, UFC, Twitch Rivals, Formula 1, Philadelphia 76ers, and more.

What is more, is that (now Cronos) has acquired the naming rights to the Los Angeles Lakers Arena.

Decentralization of coin and a huge expansion of Cronos ecosystem are reflected in the new name and on the value, currently at $0.40 – It might just be the time to invest in Cronos (CRO)


Tezos (XTZ) and NFTs

Tezos was born out of Satoshi Nakamoto’s urge to create a platform with a full governance process (in opposition to Bitcoin) and that allowed the community to contribute freely to the network.

Tezos, the blockchain network built on smart contracts is comparable to Ethereum in function. But there’s a key difference: Tezos (XTZ) intends to provide a more advanced infrastructure that can evolve and develop without risking a hard fork. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum have struggled with this since their inception. Tezos holders can vote on protocol changes proposed by Tezos developers.

Tezos has recently launched Tezemura. A collection of a little over 5 thousand tokens. Hand drawn and depicting old Tezos villager community in Japan.

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