SOC-2 Type-2 Certified Solution | Send Tezos Blockchain Transactions Without Internet

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Institutional class Cold Vault GK8 and MPC solution to enable users to send Tezos blockchain transactions without internet connectivity, which is the only available solution in the market.

Key highlights:

  • Blockchain cybersecurity firm GK8 has partnered with Tezos to build an ecosystem.
  • By combining Cold Vault technology and MPC solutions, the company offers clients best-in-class cybersecurity.
  • Traditional assets can also be tokenized for security purposes.

A Proof-of-Stake, institutional-class Cold Vault, and MPC solution, GK8 announced support for building an ecosystem around Tezos, a Proof-of-Stake blockchain protocol. The Tezos Foundation grant allowed GK8 to extend its help for Tezos token standards.

Lior Lamesh, Co-Founder and CEO of GK8, expressed his excitement:

Scalability and security are essential for mainstream blockchain adoption. We are delighted to be extending our support to the Tezos network, which offers these features. We look forward to exploring the dynamic Tezos ecosystem in depth.” – end of quote.

Send Transaction Without Internet Connectivity

Cold Vault technology enables GK8’s regulatory-ready solution to create, sign, and send blockchain transactions without internet connectivity – the only solution on the market to do so.

Cold Vault is used in conjunction with a powerful, high-performance MPC wallet to facilitate automated transactions at high frequency. The system offers an unmatched level of security to keep hackers at bay. With the company’s patented technology for unidirectional crypto-wallets, this is possible. Further validation is provided by the SOC 2 Type 2 certification from EY.

A true Cold Vault installed in GK8 and an MPC that allows access to on-chain applications make GK8 a great choice for security, professionalism, and the safe storage of crypto-assets.” says Roman Schnider, head of Tezos Foundation operations. Moreover, it is essential for institutional interactions with the rapidly growing number of Tezos-based DApps.” GK8’s solution also facilitates the secure tokenization of traditional assets.

It provides instant access to all smart contracts of layer-2 on supported chains and increases the support of Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible layer-1 blockchains. Each Vault comes with insurance of up to $750 million which customers can access, as it has an arrangement with AON. It has the largest cap in the market today.

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