Upcoming New Play-To-Earn NFT Game TezoTrooperz on Tezos

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Phase one of the game

At launch (date to be announced), you can mint your first-generation 0 TezoTrooperz. There will be 4 randomly generated rarity levels: Warrior, Long Range, Troop Leader, and King. The rarity levels will also be ranking levels that give you certain advantages in the game.

In the beta version of the game, players will just be able to earn $REBL and use the earned $REBL to perform a number of actions:

– Mint new generation 1 TezoTrooperz.

– Farm resources in order to craft items that will boost your character’s capacities.

– Buy or craft new items to strengthen your characters’ abilities.

– Send your TezoTrooperz to the underground training camp where they’ll sharpen their skills which will allow them to improve their daily return of $REBL.

– Send your TezoTrooperz to raid in order to pillage the positions of the cold machines led by Titan.

Some interesting tokenomics and incentives have been integrated into the game. Claiming REBL is a risky business. There is a chance that all of your accumulated REBL will be stolen by cold machines if you decide to claim. The chance for this to happen depends on your ranking and can vary from 40% to 15% chance regarding your NFT’s faction.

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