Johwska to Develop AR Sneaker Shoes of Major Fashion Brands as Collectable NFTs

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Vyking, which provides try-on technology for major fashion brands, is launching a digital try-on application called Flex. It will enable artists and brands to build and release digital fashion collectibles such as NFTs.

  • Vyking, a leading augmented reality (AR) try-on technology provider to major fashion brands, announced the launch of the flex app at SXSW 2022.
  • Flex enables users to collect, trade, and show-off their digital fashion collections.
  • Flex will debut a series of initial sneaker collections as clean NFTs on the Tezos blockchain from creators such as johwska, Finn Rush-Taylor Studio, and Monument.

Vyking has announced the launch of flex, a next-generation Augmented Reality (AR) application for digital fashion. flex enables artists, brands, and creators to build and release digital fashion collections as collectible and displayable NFTs in AR. The application will launch at Block/Space presented by Tezos at SXSW 2022, where fair-goers will be able to visit the ‘flex sneaker shop’.

At launch, flex will focus on digital sneaker collections; partnering with big names in digital fashion and 3D design. Namely, French AR artist johwska, a collection from Monument, and footwear designer Finn Rush-Taylor.

Users can browse and purchase flex collections on Rarible, a leading NFT marketplace. Afterward, the NFTs will be accessible in the flex app – the AR functionality automatically overlays the sneakers on the user.

Vyking’s co-founder and Chief Product Officer Thibault Marion de Procé talked about the thought process leading up to creating flex.

The world around us is changing rapidly as the pace of culture continues to move in lock-step with that of technology. We at Vyking saw a unique opportunity to leverage our proven AR technology that powers AR experiences for leading brands into a user and creator-centric application that combines real ownership and AR with the expanding world of digital fashion. flex is a game-changer for digital fashion and we are thrilled to play a part in bringing this creative revolution to life.

de Procé added that they’ve been working on augmented reality for many years. For them, they believe that adding layers of art and function enhances the people and places around them. “In the same way that the clothes you wear in real life tell the story of who you are and how you feel, so will digital fashion be flexed across the metaverse,” de Procé said.

Vyking is a leading augmented reality (AR) try-on technology provider to major fashion brands. Major brands such as Louis Vuitton, Adidas, and Crocs have implemented the company’s technology. Vyking aims to integrate 3D design, blockchain, and AR tech for creators and global brands alike.

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